Collection: Trolley Tokens

Did someone say trolley token keychains? 

So how do they work? 

They are sooooo easy to use, simply insert into the $2 coin slot, turn it sideways and release.

Your trolley has been released and the token doesn't have to stay in there either!

Our tokens have been tested on Woolworths, ALDI, Costco and Coles. All trolleys are different it’s all trial and error but do not force them and they can break if not used correctly 


 POLICY: Unfortunately we don’t offer refunds or replacements for breakage or lost tokens. We advise that you please use your trolley tokens with care and do not attempt to force them into trolleys, or in an up/down motion. Do not add pressure or push the token into the slot this can cause it to break with hard pressure. If the token isn’t being welcomed and working in a smooth manner please try another trolley. All trolleys are different old and new easier then others. All trial and error. 
we have a video on our Instagram which shows how to use these if you are a little stuck :) 

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