About Us

Hey there Hair Accessories lover!ūüĎč Welcome to the Polka Dot and Co. I‚Äôm Stephanie, the founder of Polka Dot and Co Australia.
Since 2018, we have helped thousands of Aussie women to make there hair styles stylish and comfortable while following the newest trends!
So many Aussie women have said Polka Dot and Co is the only Scrunchies that doesn’t hurt or pull at there hair and leaves it feeling smooth and kink free. Even for the most curly and frizzy hair.
I feel beyond proud to be behind this incredible hair accessories brand and to be a part of this community with all of you!

In May 2018 Polka Dot and Co was created. 

We started off with Etsy selling keychain's and you loved them to say the least! So much we had to switch to the website we have today. Then in August 2018 we decided to start hand sewing scrunchies for you all. 

That's when it started to get serious, you were loving them. I had salons contacting me to become stockist and customers thanking me for producing handmade scrunchies at such a low price.  

Fast forward to today we have stocked our hair accessories in over 50 different salons/stores across Australia & New Zealand.


Who's excited to see what 2022 brings? 

Stephanie xx